Work in progress


Digital storage space has led to digital waste. This especially happens with people who are selfie addicts or when a person travels to a new place. To an extent everyone encounters this at a varied degree.

This body of work circles around the notion of image duplication, it’s curation process and classification as “rejects”. Curation process brings forward many travel images that are not aesthetically appealing or is a mere recurrence of the same scene. With digital technology advancement this number has significantly increased. While ruminating over these photographs, Madhvee feels, such series of images are a mere technically perfect capture of a memory, which is represented by the final singular image. That is where the artist starts questioning the role of rejects, beyond achieving technical excellence. The artist aims to explore this digital waste to create another perspective. The process involves Digital/Manual layering of the images. This process has introduced a level of ambiguity to the produced images in comparison to the traditional singular image.

This is a work in progress and going through the sequence of evolving with some of the resolve works on display.

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