Work in progress


Statistical prediction confirms that in the year 2017, 3.93 trillion photos will be stored on various storage devices worldwide. Over the years this number has been steadily growing at the rate of 9%. Which means perpetually everyone sits on thousands of unused images that they consider as not worthy enough to use.

This body of work circles around the notion of the abundance of image recurrence, it’s curation process and classification as “rejects”. Curation process brings forward many images that are not aesthetically appealing or is a mere recurrence of the same scene. With the digital technology advancement, this number has significantly increased. While ruminating over such photographs, Madhvee feels, such series of images are a mere technically perfect capture of a memory, which is represented by the final singular image.

That is where the artist starts questioning the role of “rejects”, beyond achieving technical excellence. The artist aims to explore this Digital Waste to create another perspective.



The objects are created using the rejected photographs. It is an extension of the photography and gives a scope to explore the 3 dimensionalities while still maintaining the element of ambiguity. When juxtaposed with the photographs, these objects initiate a dialogue.