PLUS EST EN VOUS was the motto of the influential noble van Gruuthuuse family, based in Bruges (Flanders). “Plus est en vous” translates, as ” THERE IS MORE IN YOU”.

We all have some visions, ambitions. Some of them are immediate and some are long-term. We train our minds and heart to plan for achieving these dreams. However, more than often these thoughts, our actions and ideas get interrupted due to various circumstances. At times, this leads to emotional unrest in a person’s life. Madhvee strongly believes that “there is more in you than you think”, and it is this phenomenon that has helped Madhvee to overcome obstacles in her life. In a process, these emotional complexities have intrigued Madhvee and motivated her to explore the ways to document these intricacies visually. In this personal project, Madhvee intends to use a method of creation, destruction of the artwork and (Kintsugi inspired) act of recreating as a metaphor to express her emotions. At the moment this project is a work in progress. Deliberate or accidental explorations are met at every stage of this personal journey of artmaking.

The artworks from this series are very adaptive and it has received exposure in multiple ways.

Monochrome Series

Community Participation

Madhvee was a part of the fundraising initiative by Rainbow Center. Rainbow Centre Singapore is a not-for-profit Organisation that serves children and young people with a diverse range of moderate to severe developmental needs, including autism, physical, visual and/or hearing disabilities; many have multiple disabilities. The Rainbow Centre schools and programmes adopt a holistic developmental curriculum in the areas of language and communication skills, cognitive skills, social and emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills, and adaptive daily living skills.

The exhibition was held from the 1st – 15th Dec 2016
10AM – 10PM

During the art making process for these works, Madhvee had categorically used various mediums as a metaphor to express the notion of Plus est en vous. Relentless dedication and synchronised efforts of the involved individuals, with an objective of bringing out the best in the students, is something that motivated Madhvee. The philosophy of treating faliure as an expereice is highlited in this body of work.

Commercial Series

Alongside of her art practice, Madhvee also runs an eCommerce business, which has been established and has entered its 3rd year of operations with expansion in the USA and European markets.  Her works not only provides uniqueness to the everyday objects, but they have been the main differentiator to create a brand identity. The intent behind this initiative was to extend the reach of non-exclusive works to the masses.

The Colour photographs from this series have been commissioned for product designs of her own brands Fibonic and Swift-n-Snug

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