Ready as I'll ever be

Ready as I’ll ever be, is an attempt to represent the emotions and (interpreted) subconscious thoughts experienced by the individuals feeling gender dysphoria. Correlation with psychophysical aspect makes these complexities and subconscious decisions an interesting perspective to look into the quest for the identity. Irrespective of gender complexities notion of identity remains the same.

In the process of making these works artist focused on bringing forward the subliminal thoughts through the medium of photography, video and audio as a metaphoric expression.

Group exhibition
Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore
25th April – 11th May 2014

Untitled # 1-6 (Ready as I’ll Ever be)
Lightbox Installation

Stay a Little Stronger, a Little Longer

Video work titled, Stay a Little Stronger, a Little Longer was exhibited at Institute of Contemporary Art, Singapore. The emphasis of the research is the reciprocal exchange of thoughts, feelings and information between the artist and participants, and as a result, many deep feelings were shared. At present Yuma is going through gender dysphoria, and has not yet come out; this is an attempted to describe the feelings she has shared with the artist. The video uses metaphor and expresses a dialogue that was shared with the artist.

Stay a Little Stronger, a Little Longer
Single-Channel Video, 16:9
Colour, Sound
4:16 minute

Stay a Little Stronger, a Little Longer from Madhvee on Vimeo.

I Hope, I Seek

Video work “I Hope, I Seek” is an honest monologue of a Male to Female in transition. She is married with 2 children. Her family and friends are aware of her psychological state and are supportive. During the exhibition, this video was played in sync on 2 separate screens. It shares one audio.

I Hope I Seek 
Single-Channel Video, 16:9 (2 separate videos)
Colour, Sound
4:36 minute 

I Hope I Seek from Madhvee on Vimeo.


The body of work Metamorphosis is an allegorical representation of a psychological and physical state of mind, experienced by people feeling gender dysphoria. Representation of communicated feelings and its reflection has played an important role in this body of work. Overwhelming state of mind and conflicting physical appearance leads to an unbearable condition. The gesture of peeling, tearing, layering and masking as well as the discarded layers of paper have been used as metaphors to express these emotions. The artist has utilised the ambiguity of the character and momentary yet deliberate eye contact to raise curiosity. The body of work intends to argue with the bias within and also questions the possibility of assimilation with society.

Single-Channel Video, 16:9 Colour
3:20 minute


Metamorphosis from Madhvee on Vimeo.

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