Wait for me on the other side

The Eminent Plaza built in the 1980s was scheduled for demolition in October 2014. A collaborative community project initiated by Tact Space x THE RSC opened the building doors for one last retrospective peak. Madhvee was a part of “An Eminent Takeover” – A potently reactive and multi-disciplinary collaboration of art and music. The “Takeover” occurred at the Eminent Plaza in September 2014. It was an open studio in the “Lavanda spa”. Eminent Plaza’s infamous “vice mall” reputation re-focused discussions on Singapore’s increasingly sanitised persona.

For Madhvee the lonely corridors, dilapidated building and fact of demolition amplified the feeling of loss, a loss that has happened and is yet to happen. The ephemeral nature of building viz-à-viz individuals created a dialogue, which encouraged Madhvee to visit the notion of permanent losses. The installation and performance “Wait for me on the other side” symbolised Madhvee’s fear, preservation of memories and narration of rituals associated with loss.

LAVENDA HEALTH SPA (An Eminent Takeover)
Group exhibition
Place: Eminent Plaza, Singapore
Date: 20th Sept – 29th Sept 2014

Wait for me on the other side

Installation: 350 Pebbles, Joss Paper, Tatami, Mattress, Paper Scroll

Performance video

The performance was an allegorical representation of the memories associated with artist’s mother’s last few years of battle with her illnesses and finally her death. Madhvee’s repetitive gesture of picking up the pebbles and placing them gently on the bed, in an attempt to create a perfect circle of memories were involuntary spontaneous actions in response to the surroundings and the emotional state felt at that point of time.

This was followed by a laborious & physically painful process of removing the pebbles. The intentional placement of the pebbles to remove, yet surround herself with the memories, nonverbal invite to visitors to write their own memories on the scroll and the empty bed were all part of this intimate process.

Wait For Me On The Other Side from Madhvee on Vimeo.